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Andy and Peg visit Highclere Castle -- Home of Downton Abbey

Several years ago, Andy and I made one of our ventures over to Old Blighty to visit the family. Strangely enough, we spend almost no time in the great city of London. Confession: I've been there many times and have yet to attend the British theatre. What we do do is drive around the Home Counties looking for old aeroplanes, hang with Andy's beloved sister Hazel and her gifted husband David at their Reading home, and stroll the aisles of Waitrose.


It's heaven.  


On this particular visit, we persuaded Hazel (That is she in the navy blue... I adore her.) to join us on a trip to nearby Highclere Castle, which should be a familiar site to viewers of Downton Abbey. The castle is still occupied by the deeded family and has a wonderful museum of Egyptology in the basement. They don't allow you to take photos indoors, but we had a great time taking snaps on the grounds.

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